Miniature silver AK350 and 2cv6
Citroen AK 350 silver pendant
Citroen 2cv silver miniature 1:160
2cv6 miniature sterling silver with queue de paris and family
Citroen AK wegenwacht miniature silver
Silver miniature 2cv 4 or 6 with passengers
Silver Citroen 2cv and AK miniature
2cv6 pendant silver
sterling silver 2cv 2cv6 halfbody cufflinks
sterling silver 2cv 2cv6 halfbody cufflinks
Citroën 2cv or AK350 1:160
Citroën 2cv or AK350 1:160

Citroën 2cv or AK350 1:160

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A detailed little solid silver 2cv or AK350, as shown on its own or on a silver stand so it can be worn as a key ring or pendant but the possibilities are endless! They are approximately in 1:160 scale

I can make these little ones into other types of jewellery, pendants, earrings, bracelet........whatever you can dream up, I can make it. See my other items for inspiration and or drop me a line and I can assist you and help you on the route to your personalised piece of jewellery featuring your favorite car.

But if you can think of an other piece of jewellery you want to wear I can make it for you. Want your car on a ring for example? No problem! Gold? I can make it happen.

All my pieces are handmade, and this is a one woman business, so delivery can take up to 4 weeks. Drop me a line about specifications.